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Are you looking for a POS system that will help you run your retail store more efficiently? Look no further than NRS Retail POS - a reliable and trusted source for point-of-sale solutions.

Local Community Store

NRS Retail Solutions helps local merchants succeed by providing comprehensive point-of-sale, inventory, and customer loyalty solutions. Their services include software, hardware, and training to help local businesses boost their sales, optimize their operations, and manage their customer relationships. With NRS Retail Solutions, merchants can easily track inventory, process payments, and create loyalty programs to keep customers coming back.

POS Management

You will work with a dedicated NRS Account Manager To Assist In Uploading Inventory From Our Database Of Over 60k Product Pricebook Plus any Custom Items, tailored from scratch.


Are you looking for a POS system that will help you run your retail store more efficiently? Look no further than NRS Retail POS - a reliable and trusted source for point-of-sale solutions.

Petroleum Stations Compliance

We have helped many local Petroleum Stations like yours and we are confident we can help you as well.

POS Management

The NRS Tobacco Data Scan Rebate Program is a program that provides incentives to retailers who report tobacco sales data. The program rewards participating retailers with a rebate on their state tobacco taxes. The program is designed to help the state track and prevent illegal tobacco sales.

We’re Dedicated To Helping Small Businesses Local And Nationwide Succeed Offline And Now Online Too.

Hey business owner...

National Retail Solutions is a retail technology company that offers a comprehensive POS system and other tools to help small businesses run smoother and grow. Our POS system offers a range of features, including inventory tracking, customer loyalty programs, and financial reporting. We also provide additional services such as payment processing, loyalty marketing, and customer service. With our easy-to-use system and helpful customer service, we make running a small business easier than ever before.

  •  Over 60k Database Product Pricebook
  •  Full Support
  •  Panic Alarm Intergration
  •  Dedicated NRS Manager

Our Mission Is To Help Every Bodega And Retail Store Small To Big Succeed

NRS POS System is a powerful and user-friendly retail management system designed to help businesses streamline their operations. It offers an intuitive interface with tools such as inventory management, customer tracking, and point-of-sale functions to help businesses better manage day-to-day operations. With NRS POS System, businesses can also take advantage of features such as loyalty programs, employee management, and integrated payments.

  • NRS Retail POS systems allow businesses to easily manage their inventory, customers, and sales.
  • NRS Retail POS systems can be integrated with eCommerce platforms, giving businesses a comprehensive solution to manage both online and offilne sales.
  • NRS Retail POS systems offer detailed reporting and analytics tools, allowing businesses to track key performance indicators and improve their operations.

Grow Your Business And Get More Profit

Offering services in local neighbourhoods, cities and towns? Happy Merchant All Over? NRS Retail POS Local helps you manage your business more effieceintly while being super user friendly!

The NRS Retail POS System is an integrated point of sale solution designed to provide retail businesses with an easy-to-use, efficient, and reliable way to manage their operations. The system offers a comprehensive suite of features and functionality, including integrated credit and debit card processing, inventory management, customer loyalty programs, and employee management. With the NRS Retail POS System, businesses can quickly and easily process transactions, track inventory, manage customer and employee data, and monitor sales performance. Additionally, the system also offers valuable reporting and analytics, giving users a real-time view of their business.

Why Us

We offer a Full Service POS System And Credit Card Processing Services!

  • Create Custom Discounts And Promotions
  • Process Payments And Accept A Variety Of Payment Methods
  • Full Time Support
  • Multi Language Capability
  • Websites That Convert Visitors to Callers
  • ​​​​​​​User-friendly And Intuitive, Allowing Businesses To Quickly Train New Employees And Get Up And Running Quickly

Gain More Control of inventory

The NRS Retail POS System is a comprehensive solution for retail merchants that provides an integrated, streamlined approach to managing sales, inventory, and customer relationships. It offers powerful tools for tracking sales, orders, and customers; managing inventory; and utilizing reporting and analytics to drive informed decisions. 

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